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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
According to the national safety regulations and safety construction management regulations. Seriously carry out the production safety law of the People's Republic of China 'the law of the People's Republic of China' the State Council on catastrophic accidents the regulation of administrative responsibility '. Establish a safety first, prevention first safety thought, implement people-oriented, safety first work consciousness, strict implementation of the implementation of scaffolding installation, use safety control measures. Scaffold before construction, must prepare the construction scheme and safety technical measures, the operator must be conducted before mount guard safety knowledge education and safety technical disclosure, scaffolder must hold relevant certificates. Scaffolding stud base to leveling cement, fine stone concrete Settings, often 30 cm wide, 20 cm high, with 6 cm, template or channel steel stud set steel base, scaffold material of model weight load bearing requirement, shear location of brace, Angle must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of specification. The window on the second floor has a layer of hard protective plate, more than once every two layers with a flat screen protection, along with the higher shelf, the safety net, must have a security certificate, otherwise may not be used. After the completion of the scaffold erection, must pass a relevant personnel qualified rear can use, in use process, should check at any time, found that the problem timely processing, scaffolder in three steps above operation, must wear a seat belt, wearing a helmet, wear soft shoes, building ventilation of feeding mouth must defend the net. More than six levels of winds, such as high temperature and rainy days the weather should stop high homework, after wind and rain, must carry on the rack body check, found the rack body tilt down to repair in time, qualified rear can use. Take down the scaffolding, near electric equipment should be a power outage, when near the outer wires, scaffolding of the lateral edge of an electric circuit and the minimum safety distance between edge should not be less than the value of the table below. An electric voltage of 1 kv following 1 - 10 kv35墓穴, 110 kv150 - 220 kv330 - 500 kv the minimum safety distance ( cm) 4681012 scaffolding to built at the top of the building, the lines are vertical bar below the eaves - 4 5 cm, outside poling eaves above 1. 5 cm, on both sides of the erection of protective block, and closed safety net. Construction units in charge of the construction project manager, foreman is the first responsibility, head of production safety, must abide by the safety production laws and regulations and ensure the construction safety production, construction engineering safety production responsibility according to law. Jin jing 'Liz residential project qing yu supervision projects department on May 27, 2010
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