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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
If you feel tired or dizzy, or easy to lose balance, please stay away from the ladder. Please do not use ladder in strong wind or storm. Wear clean non-slip shoes. With leather soles of shoes is not suitable for used as a ladder, because they don't have enough skid resistance. Before using a ladder, please check to ensure that the work is in good condition. Loose parts or missing ladder must be rejected. Swing or tilted to the side of the ramshackle ladder must be rejected. You choose the size of the ladder must be suitable for operation. The ladder level of responsibility must be greater than climb the ladder of the climber, tools, supplies and the total weight of other objects. The length of the ladder must be long enough to make the climbers don't have to stand in the highest step or steps. Set up using a ladder, it must be placed on firm ground, and the bottom or top point does not exist any type of wet condition. Can only allow a person on the ladder, unless the ladder is specially designed for multiple climber ( Pier, for instance) 。 Ladders shall not be placed in the ladder open closed the door. Must be stopped to open door, locking or protection. Read the safety information labels on the ladder. On the safety information specific to the product of a specific type of ladder. Unless you familiar with this information, the climbers didn't have the qualification for using a ladder or adequately trained.
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