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Viaduct scaffolding demolition construction procedure?

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

With the development of construction industry and application, the viaduct scaffold project development rapidly across the country, so how do the viaduct scaffold on the construction? 1, disassembly procedures shall comply with the top-down, to build after the demolition of the principle, namely the first lever, scaffolding, scissors, brace, brace, moving speed of scaffolding, and then split open a small bar, bar, post, etc. General dismantling of the order, for the roof planks rail vertical bracing putlog. 2, no discrete surface or disassemble frame at the same time in the upper and lower two steps. Do it step by step, a rod. Open poling, embrace stud apart again after two buckle. Demolition of the ledger, brace, bracing, should first open the middle buckle, then hold the middle, and end button. Rod all the walls need with scaffolding demolition of synchronization, segmented demolition of elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps, such as the elevation difference is greater than the step 2, should add the wall reinforcement.                                

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