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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
A 22 June 16, accident were about 50 points, when a certain petrochemical company - by the contractor - Maoming some anticorrosive engineering company bear the refining division of naphtha tank ( Volume of 10000 cubic meters) Sandblasting anticorrosion work, ready to call it a day, 1 homework personnel in the process of the scaffolding down from the tank, immodesty fall fall, after the rescue invalid, died on 27 June 19 when 15 points. 2, 1, scaffolding cause analysis, authors do not conform to the requirements of the specification, not build up and down channel, homework personnel directly climbing along the scaffolding immodesty slide. 2, safety education and training is not implemented. Construction units without effective construction personnel safety education training, poor employee ego to protect consciousness. 3, project review control is lax. Construction units without serious scheme of scaffolding, review, corresponding prevention measures were in place. 4, on-site to supervise the security personnel. Three, revelation 1, all involving scaffolding operations, to formulate and scaffold erection and dismantling of examination and approval, relevant personnel to play scaffolding steel tube, fastener inspection certificate, the record of inspection on build-up material acceptance, and according to the scheme for the erection. To operating personnel qualifications, job, and after the completion of the erection of the erection process inspection acceptance respectively, who do not conform to the requirements of the specification are not allowed to be used. 2, construction site, head, security personnel to perform regulatory responsibilities carefully, found illegal violations to stop in time.
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