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Wall plaster and external scaffolding & # 8251; Very close - logic relations Xiangfan - hot dip galvanized scaffolding manufacturer Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Xiangfan galvanized scaffolding contact telephone: 18420150310 wall plaster and wall scaffolding & # 8251; Logical relationship is very close between exterior wall plaster and external scaffold with internal logical relationship, the similarities and differences between their engineering quantity calculation rules? The following rules were analyzed according to the Shanghai 2000 quota. A, deducted 1-30 with exterior wall plaster by the vertical projection area of different calculate with square metre, deduct the Windows and doors hole and 0. More than 3 square meters hole of the area. Outside scaffolding calculation according to the external wall vertical projection area, the travel of the Windows and doors hole area, also do not calculate Windows and doors hole in the wall area. Second, perimeter circumference of the outer wall, according to the different exterior line is calculated. Outside the perimeter of scaffolding calculated at the center line of the wall. Why is according to the former exterior line, which is the center line of the wall? Because, the former is the metope of vertical projection area, which is according to the projection area of the external walls, there, there is difference between calculation rules. Also some view both are calculated according to the exterior side. Three, the content different Windows and doors hole wall and side wall battlements, beam and column side whitewash area into outer wall plaster of quantities. , door window line overhangs, waist line, coping within the width of 300 mm, according to the moulding line meter to calculate, width over 300 mm, according to the sporadic whitewash in developed area is calculated. Exterior wall block material finishes are calculated according to the finishing area. Scaffold outside the area does not consider, door window line overhangs, waist line, and bulging wall etc area. Four, highly different outer wall plaster for external wall height, including more than parapet, gable, roofing stair, tank room, computer room metope, etc. Scaffold outside the fixed height ( The so-called norm height is the height of the different quota subtitle range, such as 12 meters, 20 meters, etc. ) Since the design outdoor floor surface to the eaves board face roof structure. Have a parapet, height to the top of the parapet. Scaffold outside the calculation of the height of outdoor floor surface to the height of the wall, gable ( The pinnacles of inclined roofing part) , roof above the stairwells, tank room, computer room, etc. , including wall with wall into a scaffold outside the quantities into the scaffold of quantities, but do not calculate fixed height, while set quota according to the scaffold outside the fixed height ( The outdoor floor to the eaves or parapet high) Sure, such as cornice height of 119 meters, small machine room roof height of 128 meters, only 13 - 1 - 9 120 meters high quota. Cannot set of 13 - 1 - 10 within 135 metres of high quota, the consumption of both are different. Across the building height is not more at the same time, should be calculated at different heights, set corresponding norm Buddhism. Popular related: doors scaffold price xiangfan galvanized scaffolding manufacturer
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