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We don't know the flexibility of the earlier stage of truss - Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-29
In our activity time use truss is very common. We can consider many factors in choosing a truss. Truss of flexibility is one of them, because in this activity, we may need to change the situation of truss installation. At this point, the truss of flexible performance will play a big role. Sensitive stage of the truss display only, ability makes the stage truss were liked by many stage designer. Aluminum alloy truss firm as a whole. Aluminum alloy truss appearance beautiful, sensitive changes. Adapt to all kinds of fashion show, celebration at home and abroad, product launches, studio, dance, etc. It is by far the most popular truss. In the specific weight of truss stage, the height of the device will be different. Overall, high altitude assembling large steel truss and selection method of high altitude block device is different from high altitude assembling. High apparent poor operation condition. High in truss docking process, the construction safety, truss, verticality and welding quality control is a very difficult phase truss application in the field of truss construction for a long time. Compared with circular tube truss and square tube truss, stage, truss appear relatively late, but its usage than round tube truss and square pipe truss. Stage of truss structure overall performance is superior, stiffness big, beautiful surface. It is easy to manufacture, installation, flip and ascend. The truss segment assembly stage, the butt joint and secondary equipment, welding quality, deformation control, dimension control, level control, verticality control bring considerable difficulties for the on-site assembly of steel truss. Stage of truss is made of cold bending thin-wall steel pipe truss, with light structure, good rigidity, save steel, give full play to the advantages of intensity data, especially in the controlled by the slenderness ratio of compressive bar and supporting system. Flexibility does not mean that the installation stage truss of flexibility. In some places, the outdoor assembly has bigger difference with factory within processing, weather, temperature, operating platform, welding equipment, welding materials, the influence of site factors such as. In general, use aluminum alloy truss on the stage, it is more easy and faster than iron truss construction stage, and it also can be flexible, that is why it will be popular.
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