16 years manufacturer for metal truss, mobile stage, aluminium scaffolding, barriers, etc,.

What about industry position of Shizhan?
Shizhan is a brand well recognized by clients in the Shizhan industry. It is a brand of strong competitiveness thanks to years of experience in the business. The after-sale services make the brand outstanding in the industry.

Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd Guangzhou Branch adheres to the high quality and has become a reliable manufacturer of event truss. The light stage series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. The development of Shizhan Group bleacher frame adopts different advanced technologies. It is developed under the enlightenment of energy keeping and ultra-quiet technologies. Due to its modular design, this product is portable and easy to set up. The product is tested for many times to ensure that it is of great durability and stability. 3D technology is used in its design to ensure its viability.

During our production, we aim to eliminate production waste. We are focused on seeking new ways to reduce, reuse or recycle waste.
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