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What about the lead time of aluminium truss system from placing a order to delivery?
This depends on the order quantity of aluminium truss system and the production plan of Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd. The promise is that the order will be processed as quickly as we can. Orders are processed in order. When demand is strong, the production line will run at full capacity. We can control every production process very well. It will take a while.

Fully involved in the development of concert stage truss industry, Shizhan Group Guangzhou Branch 's r & d capacity and production capacity are widely recognized. The sport bleacher series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. Shizhan Group bleacher frame is manufactured with various important electric components. It contains outstanding arrester, electromagnetic starter, load switch, fuse protector, or other components. These components are professionally introduced or developed by our technicians based on electric safety standards. Processed by Panasonic welding machines, it has a stronger, more precise weld. Due to hypoallergenicity, it will improve a person's sleep quality by protecting him or her from harmful irritants usually seen in the bedroom environment. It is widely known for its high resistance to corrosion.

We constantly seek to improve customer satisfaction. We always put the principles of customer first and quality first into practice.
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