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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
In general, there are two kinds of aluminum alloy scaffolding painting process: one is spray paint, 2 it is abuse. We all know how painting, but I do not know what is abuse paint. Assault lacquer is put aluminum alloy scaffolding as a whole in a big pool, wait until after returning the lacquer on shelves with all take out to dry. So what kind of paint spray paint? Aluminum alloy scaffolding spray water paint, water paint characteristic is: nontoxic harmless, without excitant odour, more environmental protection, in addition to harmless to the human body, it also has good resistance to aging performance. Water paint applicability is wide and flexible performance is strong, but because of its good properties so the price is relatively expensive. Some inferior scaffolding spray paint, paint is a kind of environmental performance is poor than water paint chemical coating, it has a pungent odor, contain harmful substances, aging, one-time use, but the paint is cheap. With the price of the mobile scaffolding of this paint will lower accordingly. Knowledge to expand the correct use of aluminum alloy scaffolding is a safe construction of the basic (1) on the surface of the pedal material should be clear in time, keep clear of pedal on the above, do not heap of tool material being put in disorder, lest affect job security and injuring others off occurs. (2) every time call it a day, the tool material on the pedal after application, should be neat stack that not use up at one time. (3) on the job to pry, pull, push, dial operation, such as to take correct posture, stand or hand the strong support, so as not to overexert generate reverse force makes the body lose the smooth or out of the item. (4) during welding work, on the job of the fire protection measures should be taken. 5. After the rain and snow weather on homework, needs to pedal on snow, water, such as clean, to prevent slip and fall incidents. 6 has to be increased when the height of the surface is not enough, should adopt higher reliable way, higher height should not exceed 0. 5米; More than 0. 5 m, should add a layer of the scaffold. Shenzhen tengda as scaffolding industry leading enterprises, professional design, production and sales of high quality scaffolding, help each aerial work personnel security context, home safely.
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