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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Rizhao aerial work factory contact telephone number: 18420150310 scaffolding, there are many kinds of cantilever scaffold is one of them, and what are the erection of the point? Hefei and scaffolding rental look small make up to go. Cantilever scaffold must prepare special construction scheme. Scheme design calculation, targeted stronger, more specific disassembly scheme and safety technical measures shall be built, and draw a plane, elevation and different detail drawing. Cantilever beam and frame body stability is very important, choose frame overhanging beam or cantilever rack should actively adopt steel or finalize the truss, cantilever steel or cantilever rack with embedded structure is fixed, the installation conform to the requirements of the design, choice of stud and suspension of steel connection must be fixed, prevent slippage, frame body and architecture structure of rigid Rachel, according to the horizontal direction is less than 7 m set one node, and vertical direction is equal to the height body edge and corner 1 m range must be for a node. Hand piece, pick frame layer upon layer spread the feet hand piece shall be in not fine in 18 # lead wire twin parallel tie not less than 4 points, requirements and firm, junction level off, without probe plate, leaving no gaps, foot hand piece should guarantee the intact, the damaged change in time. Load uniform pile construction, not more than three. 0 kn/m2, construction waste or unused materials must keep clear of in time. At the time of cantilever scaffold clarificaiton and acceptance, attention should be paid to pick frame must be in accordance with the special construction scheme and design requirements build-up. Set-up and solution of different actual, must with the approval of the department for examination and approval of the original scheme, and in a timely manner to do a good job of change plan; Picking rack take down must be targeted safety technical clarificaiton, before every ride a pick frame subject to disclosure, disclosure agreement signing procedures; After each pick frame build-up, organize acceptance by the company, good content, put into use before they hang a qualified brand. Inspection personnel shall sign the acceptance certificate, data archive. Rizhao aerial work contact way
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