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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Beijing fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding contact telephone: 18420150310 scaffolding there are many kinds of categories, including a round button scaffolding, when the scaffold in construction of what are the requirements? Hefei scaffolding leasing small make up simple introduce for everybody. In order to guarantee the scaffolding, accord with a standard, safe and reliable, but also to meet the needs of construction, in front of the scaffolding, need according to the characteristics of the engineering and construction process, determine the scaffolding, form, develop the erection scheme, foundation treatment should be considered in the scheme, the requirements of the erection, bar spacing, setting of interval, the node location, connection methods, but also should map drawing and details. Scaffolding set-up height of more than of the provisions of the specification requirements. Scaffolding, height is not suitable for high is generally not more than 50 meters, scaffolding, high security or the economy. Built for more than 24 m, the response to the global stiffness and stability of scaffold to strengthen from the structure, when the erection of more than 50 m, can adopt double stud or encrypted stud spacing, also can adopt the method of unloading or erection of every block, assumes paragraphs scaffolding load to the building structure, but must carry on the design and calculation. Round buckle design and calculation of scaffold must conform to the construction bearing plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications 'JGJ231 - 2010 of the regulation, and professional and technical personnel of the audit by the department of enterprise technology, enterprise technical director signature for approval. More than 20 meters high floor type steel pipe scaffold, must separate establishment special construction scheme, and by the construction enterprise technology division of professional and technical personnel and professional supervision engineer for audit, supervision unit by construction enterprises qualified technology and supervision units, head of the general supervision engineer signature. Beijing fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer
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