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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy pin

by:Shizhan     2020-03-28
Aluminum trusses have a very wide range of applications, and their safety performance is also relatively good. The advantage of metal performance makes aluminum trusses eliminate iron trusses. Aluminum alloy trusses are divided according to the type of interface: aluminum alloy screw trusses and quick-plug bolt trusses. What are their advantages? The specific characteristics of the advantages of screw trusses and bolt trusses are as follows: 1. The screw frame is slower to install and disassemble than the bolt truss, but the overall stability of the screw truss is very good, not easy to deform, high safety performance, strong load bearing capacity, and large screw trusses can increase the aluminum plate to increase its load bearing capacity The advantages in this area are relatively large. Large-scale performances, exhibitions, press conferences, small performances and other events can be used. 2. Quick-plug bolt truss has beautiful appearance, simple and convenient installation. However, its production cost is higher, so the price is higher when it is leased. The alloy trusses are distinguished from the structure and are divided into: aluminum alloy screw trusses and aluminum alloy quick-plug trusses. For domestic performance companies that currently have aluminum alloy trusses, rental companies generally choose to purchase aluminum screw trusses in terms of price. If long-term consideration is made, it is recommended to choose bolt-type trusses.
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