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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
What is the aluminum alloy scaffolding? Building house buildings, such as a rack for aerial work. And aluminum alloy material is not only suitable for building houses building, on the bridge, the subway, aluminum alloy scaffolding using a wide range construction site construction, external wall cleaning, fire protection installations, the lobby lights, ceiling, droplight installation, installation of billboards, exhibition, building indoor decoration lamps, school, big factories need to safe operation of power plant maintenance and so on use of a very wide range. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, is in the stair, step such as cinemas, conference room, university classroom flexible structures, a variety of circumstances. Shenzhen aluminum alloy scaffolding, especially in shenzhen tengda scaffold, for example, is not only a complete kinds, Including single width 0. 75 m, double wide frame 1. 35 m, straight, oblique climb) And each scaffold of wall thickness of 2 mm, basic guarantee for aerial work. High quality aluminum: T6 - 6061 aviation aluminum, light weight, good bearing, safe and easy assembly and disassembly. Shenzhen scaffolding installation more convenient, quick, mainly reflected in use, only need to put the bar on both ends of the plug insert poling, corresponding to the taper hole are coming out again, its take down the quick and the quality of the lap joint is a traditional scaffold cannot. The take down speed is 8 - fastener steel pipe scaffold 10 times, is the bowl of a scaffold of more than 2 times. Under the condition of now labor costs continue to improve, reduce the construction cost, protect the safety of high-altitude operators have a strong competitive and advantage. On January 5, 2018. At 11:00 am, putian city, fujian province HanJiang area have taken place in the ocean township to village houses under construction with the bamboo scaffolding slide cause field personnel fall accident. Six people were killed four people and injured, the scene without people trapped, six of the injured have been sent to HanJiang hospitals. If the applicable is safe and reliable aluminum alloy scaffolding, believe this kind of accident is to avoid disaster, after all, the stability and safety of the aluminum frame is documented. In construction and installation project construction, the structure of buildings and structures within the mouth of the cave of the various forms of the edge of the nature of work, dangling and climbing operation, operation platform and stereo crossover operation, and on the structure of main body outside the venue and pass along the various hole, hole, groove, groove of engineering construction, must use the device contains a helmet, labor protection shoes, safety rope. Climbing tools include scaffolding, truck and so on. Tengda in specialized in manufacturing and selling aluminum alloy scaffolding in the process of 20 years, the current sales throughout the country's various regions, in shenzhen, we free door-to-door delivery, custom construction schemes and 30 years of quality assurance, tengda factory make the aerial work groups after worry-free.
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