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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy truss?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-21
In recent years, the development of aluminum alloy truss has been very rapid. Many stages have adopted this product as a stage truss. So, do you know the advantages of these products? Today I will take you to understand. Aluminum Alloy Truss Picture Basic advantages of aluminum alloy truss: 1. The aluminum alloy truss is made of high-quality aluminum, which is strong and safe. Second, the aluminum alloy truss is compressive, non-slip, waterproof, and sun-resistant. 3. The overall frame size is small after disassembling, which is convenient for transportation and storage. 4. The raw material is aluminum alloy, the quality is very good, there will be no problems during use, and the maintenance time can be reduced. 5. Aluminum alloy truss adopts unit-combination structure, which can be added or divided freely according to the site size. Sixth, a certain amount of colloidal particles are provided on the surface of the aluminum alloy truss to achieve anti-skid performance in rainy days; durable service life, a certain thickness can not only provide good pressure resistance, but also extend the product life. 7. Although the aluminum alloy truss can be folded and transported, the strength of the aluminum truss is not as strong as that of the fixed truss, and the aluminum truss is not suitable for the construction of large spans.
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