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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Insulating frame contact phone number: 18420150310 mobile scaffold construction management unit for scaffolding and construction site safety inspection supervision does not reach the designated position, no pertinence, safety technical clarificaiton in scaffolding collapsed and casualties accident, most problems such as violation of technical standards and operational procedures, but the leadership of the construction site management, management personnel, technical personnel, care workers, safety supervisor, inspector, etc in the construction of the audit qualification, scaffolding construction plan of the examination and approval as well as the regular safety inspection, check in at ordinary times, failed to timely find problems and accidents, or after found the problem, the accident hidden trouble not timely rectification and correction. The ministry of construction industry standard 'construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' ( JGJ130 - 2001). Already in June 1, 2001 formally implemented. Just springboard the specification belongs to the compulsory standards, the scaffolding set-up and dismantle and frame structure design and calculation, etc. Put forward many new requirements. (in the petrochemical construction safety technical regulations SH3505 - 1999). , the oil refining industry, chemical industry construction safety procedures ( SHJ505 - 87). , the wood structure design code ( GB50005— 2003). , the construction and installation engineering safety technical regulations ( ( 56) The discussion zhou zi no. 40) Such as the specification requirement are clearly on the scaffold work. Construction management units in the scaffold construction HSE, JHA risk assessment, such as gantry scaffolding not taken seriously, not formulate targeted safety precautions; Special security technology solutions to special construction projects shall be prepared, such as the scaffold erection and dismantling, foundation pit supporting, temporary electricity utilization, template engineering, etc. , not making construction safety plan, or in combination with the practical situation of the construction site, not copy the standard, specification, inspection. In the examination and approval of plan, there are 'lay pipe line' phenomenon, some with scaffolding knowledge, does not have frame construction scheme for examination and approval of qualified personnel, blind, elaborate signature for approval. Scaffolding: insulation
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