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What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy

by:Shizhan     2020-05-21
In daily life, we can often see the brackets made of aluminum alloy, so what advantages does it have for workers to choose this material for construction, let us take a look. Aluminum alloy scaffolding Features ?1. Solderless patent planning ?a. The unique innovative patent plan joint can help prevent the connector from falling, completely avoid the traditional welding method and change the load distribution form of the traditional metal bracket. Non-welding planning saves power consumption in the process of making scaffolding, making it a new generation of low-carbon and environmentally friendly products. ?b. The load on the cross bar and diagonal bar is immediately transferred to the buckle and does not directly act on the bar. The sturdy buckle greatly enhances the support of the scaffolding, preventing any external influence on the joint rods from being damaged. ?c. At the joint, a sturdy buckle transfers most of the load to the center of the aluminum alloy tube, providing a firm and tight connection without any moving gap. ?2. Universal multi-directional design The universal multi-faceted planning provides complete and comprehensive functions and is applied to several construction projects with relatively complex structures, highlighting its rapid establishment function and increasing the engineering cost of reduced working power. ?3. Lightweight parts All components of the aluminum scaffolding system are made of lightweight aluminum alloy and cast steel. The same amount of aluminum scaffolding system is only one third of the weight of traditional steel scaffolding. Therefore, when using aluminum scaffolding, workers can get rid of the trouble of overweight scaffolding. Easily build, move, transport and store to increase engineering capacity, save time and reduce costs.
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