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What are the characteristics of aluminum stage truss

by:Shizhan     2020-03-22
Sufficient rigidity --- no excessive elastic deformation occurs; Sufficient stability-no collapse due to a sudden change in equilibrium form; Sufficient strength of aluminum alloy truss --- no fracture or plastic deformation occurs; This product also has good dynamic characteristics-shock resistance, wind resistance The above content only talks about a part, let's continue to look at other content! The design requirements of the truss: There must be rods that meet the requirements; there must be good connections, including rivets, pins and welds. Aluminum alloy truss, consisting of straight bars, generally has a flat or spatial structure with triangular elements. Under load, truss members mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully used. When the span is large, it can save material, reduce its own weight and increase stiffness when it is larger, so it is suitable for larger Load-bearing structures and high-rise structures, such as roof trusses, bridges, transmission line towers, satellite transmission towers, hydraulic gates, crane frames, etc. Commonly used steel trusses, reinforced concrete trusses, prestressed concrete trusses, wood trusses, steel and wood composite trusses, steel and concrete composite trusses. The trusses are divided into triangle trusses, trapezoidal trusses, polygonal trusses, parallel chord trusses, and open-web trusses. When selecting the truss form, the use, materials, support methods and construction conditions of the truss should be considered comprehensively, and the materials and labor used for manufacturing and installation should be minimized on the premise of meeting the requirements for use.
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