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What are the manufacturing processes of aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-22
Aluminum alloy truss is a very popular stage truss in recent years. Many large-scale stages and exhibitions use this material. What are the production processes of this material? Let us take a look. Aluminum alloy truss 1. Purchase round tubes for welding square head truss and iron plate; 2. Perform wire cutting on the lathe of the lathe and cut the iron plate; 3. Die-cutting iron plate, each iron plate punches 8 round holes with a diameter of 10 mm; 4. Use carbon dioxide gas to protect the welding iron plate to make a square head; 5. Bend the iron wire on the bending pipe bender as a support between the welded truss iron pipes; 6. Start welding the truss on the welded tire. 7. Grinding and polishing welding truss waiting for spraying; 8. After polishing the truss, spray paint powder on the truss for spraying treatment; 9. Put the painted truss on the shelf and push the baking oven for high temperature baking; 10. After baking at a fixed time and temperature, the truss spraying treatment is completed; 11. The truss has been formed, the truss is tested after going out of the furnace, whether there are virtual welding conditions; 12. Finished products are packed in the warehouse.
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