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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Liaoning disc scaffolding contact phone: 184201503101, homework every 1 m2 frame on the use of personnel, materials and machinery construction load weight must not exceed the specified value or under construction design value construction load level of operators, the weight of the equipment, material standard, take 3 knm2 scaffolding structure, 2 of scaffolding knm2 decorate. 2, mortar, and the total weight of the container shall not be greater than 1. 5 kn heavy construction equipment list shall not be greater than 1 kn, using the weight of human in the rack moving and installation of components shall not be greater than 2. 5 kn。 Structure construction operation shall not exceed 2 construction steps, each layer of work load shall not be greater than 3 knm2. Decoration construction scaffolding when load must be strictly controlled, at the same time operation shall not exceed three layer construction steps, each layer of the load shall not be greater than 2 knm2 homework. 3, set on the surface of the frame material should be packed in strong, does not affect the construction operations and personnel. 4 the biggest homework, homework personnel in the rack height should be in normal operation can be performed for degrees, ban on the plane board padded implements or single piece of scaffolding in order to increase operation level. 5, in operation, the ban on the basic framework of the dismantled scaffold at random, integrity bar, connecting bar fastener, safety net, and even the wall. Because of operation requirements truly need temporary removal, must be approved by competent personnel, adopt corresponding temporary reinforcement measures, and in the homework finished, be reinstated in a timely manner. 6, workers in the frame work, should pay attention to safety protection and the safety of others, to avoid a collision, slip and fall. It is strictly prohibited in the rack grandkids bounce and sitting on a rail fine QuanChu rest. Don't hurry to walk or on the surface of the frame to do something, avoid mutual DuoRang imbalance in the body. 7, up and down the scaffold must go set safety protection and stairway, forbidden climbing scaffold. 8, per shift workers on homework, should first check with or without affecting safe operation problem, behind the exclusion and solve xu began to work. Were found in the assignments unsafe conditions and signs, should immediately stop operation for inspection, to return to normal after the operation found to have abnormal solving and dangerous situation, immediate notice must be given to all on personnel evacuation. 9, cleaning up the rack should be paid attention to when working at any time on material on the surface of the frame, maintains a neat, clean, do not place material tools, drop occurs so as not to affect their job security and cuts. 10, to pry, pull, push, pull, etc, to pay attention to take the correct posture, a firm foothold, or with one hand holding on the structure of a solid or support, so as not to overexert when the body out of balance or the things. On the scaffolding dismantling templates, the bracket of necessary measures should be taken to, so as not to remove the template materials fall outside the frame. 11, welding work on the scaffold, to spread a tin and then Mars or remove flammable, so as to avoid burning combustible Mars. And at the same time ready to fire prevention measures. Once the fire, shall be put out in a timely manner. 12, in each step of homework finished, the rack surplus material items must be moved to the top and bottom step or indoor surface should be clean, before work every day to items neatly stacked on the surface of the frame materials, trash pickup out during the operation, should be clear in time the materials and items of the safety net in. In any case, it is strictly prohibited to casting material items and dumping downwards on the shelf. 13, 6, and 6 or more high winds and rain, snow should stop scaffolding work on homework after rain, snow, should get rid of plane surface snow, water, avoid slip. 14 and transport in the rack material passed in homework personnel, to promptly issued a notice, please make a letter. Material to put light shelf stability, forbid to use dumping, slammed him or other means of discharging in a hurry. Liaoning disc scaffolding manufacturer
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