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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Scaffold material piling shall not exceed the specified load, brick height shall not exceed 3 skin brick; On the same piece of scaffolding shall not exceed more than two people at the same time masonry work. Are not allowed to be used on shaky mat high homework, tool or object construction with wood formwork, steel template, etc are not allowed to be used instead of scaffolding. The tool must be used to put liberation, ash bucket, hanging hammer, prohibit disorderly put litter by feet and so on, to prevent falling. Cut brick should be paid attention to when the blocks out of others, should be squat down for metope brick. In case of rain, from work to rain cover measures, to prevent the heavy rain will wash, masonry mortar masonry collapsed. Build by laying bricks or stones base must be checked before the tank wall soil is stable, such as found that soil wall crack, water defrost or deformation and collapse danger, should immediately report the construction site, processing, head of risk. The groove edge may fall hazards, should be cleaned up after before operation. When laying foundation in slot on strengthening support base, particularly in the process of rain and drainage, should check whether there is any loose deformation on support at any time, if found, shall be immediately to consolidate after, before operation. Demolition base groove support, should be as the basis for building demolished progress step by step from down to up. 4 m width operation; In the deep foundation laying, work base tank must be set up and down stairs or ramps, shall not be any climb jump slot, more shall be stamped on masonry and reinforced soil wall support up and down. More than 2 m, the scaffold should be used. 2 m, such as using the scaffolding, outside must build protective shed, safety nets; If use scaffolding, should set up the protective railings and baseboard, well set up behind the federated eye network building. The original frame is used as the outer along the jointing, deal with to review and reinforce shelf. Not the person sitting on the protective railings, not walking in is the top of the wall masonry. Not allowed to stand at the top of a wall iron, clean walls or check the corner vertical work, etc. And banned scaffold board above the wall masonry in suspension, to prevent operator fatigue, dizziness, drop down fall. Masonry walls should as far as possible when finished for the day, and added a purlin or support. If the day could not be completed, should set up double support, to avoid the wind blow down or deformation. When people work yu wall ridge, such as fluctuation must pass a purlin, must pay attention to check whether the purlin is put aside and sheathing whether nail pull firmly. To use board hang line build by laying bricks or stones gable, accidents caused by other personnel after kicking line should be paid attention to. Masonry block, the operator should hands grasping, pay attention to prevent broken fingers, when on the wall, to put it flat, to prevent falls off, injuring hands. After work, to do after work is expected to clear, clean up the blocks, the blocks on the surface of the work in time and construction waste.
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