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What are the precautions for ordinary demolition job? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Demolition job before construction must be built, structures, head of the degree of structure, beams, columns, the anchor decayed and brick walls and columns crack detailed inspections, tilt, and so on and so forth, formulate feasible safety technology solutions, to all the homework personnel before work must be safety technical clarificaiton in writing. Before the demolition, must arrange professionals will stay open building and structures of various pipeline demolition or after the migration, before dismantling operations. Demolition work area must not place a fence all round, and no warning signs and assign a monitoring, sundry to enter is prohibited. Demolition operations must be stipulated in the demolition of operation scheme method and sequence of demolition, dismantling is not allowed without rules, forbid dismantle several layers at the same time. Job, the personnel should be set up to be the actual status of the building, structure monitoring, such as found that there is a risk of collapse, should immediately stop operation, pull out, head of the operational areas and report the construction processing. Demolition, standing on the scaffold, or other solid structure, high work on protective measures must wear seat belts, belts should wear on the solid structure, ban hang on the demolition of the structure. Ban standing in hanging position on. After demolition, should first open a secondary structure, bearing down the pillars and beams. Demolition of brick chimney, column, wall alone, partition, etc. , should first check the depth, step by step down from the demolition, prohibit to take in a hollowed and then down at the bottom of the brutal construction method. Dismantle the door, window frame, first check whether the lintel, brick arch is strong, found a dangerous situation such as crack, damage, should be stopped dismantling, must continue to work after danger ruled out. Removed the roof truss, purlin, beam, plate and other large and heavy components, must use the ropes and firm, with lifting equipment lifting to the ground. Remove the broken material, and may not be piled up on the scaffolding and floor, follow along with the shipment, forbid people gathered on the scaffolding and floor, to prevent the collapse. Partial demolition work, should build the scaffold, and rear part of the demolition could not take reinforcement measures such as operation can be performed. Take the blasting operation, shall comply with the current national standard 'blasting safety regulations' ( GB6722) 。
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