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What are the quality requirements for steel pipe scaffold architecture? - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
General steel pipe scaffold are mostly used in construction industry, and for safety, most of the construction site will use good steel tube scaffold. General steel pipe scaffold components are required, such as: at the time of construction, scaffold mainly steel tube the material, steel pipe, steel quality standards should be consistent with existing national and each steel pipe quality should not be larger than 25. 8公斤; On the fastener, made of malleable cast iron or cast steel has the processing is simple, easy to carry, strong commonality, and fasteners in the bolt tightening torque of 65 n & middot; M, shall not be destroyed; Followed by scaffolding set, made of steel, wood, bamboo material quality of single block scaffold board should not be greater than 30 kg; After is adjustable brace, adjustable bracket support generally should not be less than 36 mm screw diameter, diameter and pitch should comply with the standards. Above, detailed introduces the content of the steel pipe scaffold in the development of construction industry. For a friend in need, our products can be directly contact our company advisory. Our company website: WWW. atjsj。 com
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