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What are the requirements for building construction scaffolding for accessories?

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Generally, construction workers in the building construction scaffolding, for its parts is higher requirements and standards, the following let's learn together. The first is the setting of scaffolding requirements: scaffolding Settings, need to cooperate with construction schedule, it should be no more than a group of adjacent walls above, after the two steps, each step the scaffolding, should correction step distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance and vertical pole verticality; Secondly, the basic set shall meet the following requirements: base plate should be accurate positioning line board appropriate USES length of not less than 2 across, thickness of not less than 500 mm wood plate, channel steel may be used. After: polarization established shall meet the following requirements: it is strictly prohibited to 48 mm, 51 mm outside diameter steel mixing the expansion of the polarization and each level requires a docking fastener joint connection. For construction scaffolding to the requirement of accessories, there are mainly several aspects above, hope the above information when you install the scaffold to help, better use construction scaffolding. Need to consult more details, please call contact our company.                                

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