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What are the requirements for scaffolding?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-15
Scaffolding is also often seen in our daily life. Most of them are used in decoration. What are the requirements for setting up scaffolding? Let us take a look at it today. scaffold Steel pipe fastener scaffolding should pay attention to the foundation is flat and strong, set the base and back plate, and have reliable drainage measures to prevent water from entering the foundation. According to the installation conditions and load-bearing dimensions of the wall poles, the level of common open double-row scaffolding poles is generally 1.05 ~ 1.55m, and the masonry scaffolding steps are generally 1.20 ~ 1.35m. The scaffold used for decoration or masonry and decoration is generally 1.80m, and the vertical length of the rod is 1.2 ~ 2.0m. Its allowable height is 34 ~ 50m. When set to single row, the vertical distance of the pole is 1.2 ~ 1.4 m, and the longitudinal length of the pole is 1.5 ~ 2.0m. The installation height is allowed to be 24m. Longitudinal horizontal rods should be arranged inside the vertical rods, and their length should not be less than 3 spans. The vertical and horizontal rods can use butt fasteners or overlap. If the butt fastener method is used, the butt fasteners should be staggered; if a lap joint is used, the lap length should not be less than 1 meter, and the three rotating fasteners should be fixed at equal intervals. At the main node of the scaffold (ie, the vertical bar of the three horizontal bars, the horizontal horizontal bar and the horizontal bar, the horizontal horizontal bar must be fixed with right-angle fasteners, disassembly is prohibited. The center distance of the two right-angle fasteners at the main node is not Should be greater than 150 mm. In double-row scaffolding, the horizontal extension of the horizontal horizontal rod relative to the end of the wall shall not be greater than 0.4 times the horizontal distance of the vertical rod and shall not be greater than 500 mm; basis. The spacing needs to be equal, the maximum spacing should not be greater than 1/2 of the longitudinal distance.
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