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What are the requirements for the erection and dismantling of steel pipe scaffold? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Steel pipe scaffold construction personnel are temporary platform. They can be reused. The workers with the suspension to stand up and down on the ground. In the place where need power, should pay special attention to. All workers must be very careful. No matter what they wear, they should check it first. If there is, please check all loose part of scaffolding. In order to avoid electric shock, insulation measures should be taken into account. A wide range of steel tube scaffold. Telescopic prop of scaffolding, scaffolding, scaffolding framework cup lock system, fastener scaffold, scaffolding, scaffolding, scaffolding decoration system/board jack, templates and shutter system, scaffolding steel fittings and accessories are some products of steel scaffolding. They described below. We also provide steel pipe scaffold rental services. We are in a very reasonable price to provide steel scaffold rental services. In addition, we believe that to ensure your safety first. We are in, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, dubai and sharjah steel scaffolding services provided. Our scaffolding won't rust, oxidation, decomposition, or inflation. We will deliver you for a lifetime. The workers should be dressed in all the safety equipment. Because the platform is mobile, therefore should be careful. Compared with other steel, steel has the longest durability and strength. Due to its strong bearing capacity, it is favored by many industrialists. Even in natural disasters, Such as earthquake) , also can withstand the high strength steel. Its strength and light weight make it very affordable choices become people's heart. Strong and durable steel scaffolding and before. It can soak in the hot dip galvanized steel to provide corrosion resistance for a long time. Socket type steel pipe scaffold installation and remove what you want? 1, the socket type steel pipe formwork support of rod installation location is determined according to the special construction scheme of lofting, and shall not be arbitrarily connected. 2, the socket type steel pipe installation template support level. First of all, according to the requirement of the pillar position arrangement adjustable base, and then insert the four columns, horizontal pole diagonal, wedge bolt on the card buckle joint buckle on the pillar of the connection board, forming a basic framework of unit, extending outward form a complete support system. In vertical direction, should set up a layer, and then set up the next layer, and so on. 3, adjustable base, and plate should be placed correctly on the positioning line and level. There should be no warping plate plane, and shall not use of crack of plate. 4, poling poling casing connections, adjacent stud connecting sleeve joint position should be in the same level of stagger; Horizontal bar card buckle joint with bolt connection plate connection, by hammer tighten bolts, to ensure reliable connection between horizontal and vertical pole. 5, after each template installation, horizontal bar interval, vertical rod horizontal distance, vertical rod vertical deviation and horizontal rod horizontal deviation should be timely correction. The vertical deviation is not more than H/stud, not greater than 50 mm. 6, the socket type steel pipe formwork set-up should be adapted to the template construction, of bottom die elevation can be adjustable base and to adjust the adjustable bracket. 7, in building the multi-level continuous construction of floor, should ensure that support bar up and down on the same axis. 8, bracket after the installation is complete, before concrete pouring, organize relevant personnel to acceptance, head technology, conform to the special construction plan, before pouring concrete. 9, framework should according to the construction scheme of the design of demolition order dismantled. Demolition work should be started, the top and down step by step. Prohibit fluctuation floor removed at the same time. Disassembly, artifacts should be bundles lifting or handling to the ground, it is forbidden to throw. 10, block, the discrete surface dismantled, should determine the technical scheme of the border, to ensure the stability of section after the temporary structure. The socket type steel pipe scaffold we provided all the parts are hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, durable, beautiful and easy. Is the ideal auxiliary construction equipment industry and decoration industry. Platform covers an area of 15 40 square metre, especially suitable for small places, complex construction,, parking lot, entrance, gate house, billboards, etc.
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