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What are the requirements of aluminum alloy scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-05-23
The aluminum alloy scaffold is specially built for small projects. After the scaffold was launched, it was loved by construction workers. The material is light, easy to build, and high in safety. What are the requirements for construction during construction? Let us know today . Aluminum scaffolding 1. The outer diameter of the steel pipe floor scaffold is 48mm, the wall thickness is 3.20mm, and the steel strength level is q235-a. The surface of the steel pipe should be smooth, flat, without cracks, without delamination, without indentation, without scratches, and without bending. Before the construction of the scaffold, the steel pipe should be sampled and sent to a test unit with relevant national qualifications to conduct mechanical tests on the bending strength and tensile strength of the steel pipe. Only when the test results meet the design requirements, the steel pipe can be used for construction. 2. The plastic fasteners installed on the steel pipe scaffold should meet the requirements of jgj22-85 of the steel pipe foot fastener standard of the Ministry of Construction. The fastener production license provided by the manufacturer must not have cracks, porosity, shrinkage, sand holes, forging , Defects and other specifications of fasteners should match, and when the lever is opened, the short distance of the grip is not less than 5mm. When the tightening torque of the steel pipe bolt reaches 70n, it shall not be damaged. When using old fasteners, the fasteners must be sampled and sent to the relevant national quality inspection unit to test the slip resistance of the fasteners. If the test result meets the design requirements, it can only be used for construction. 3. The scaffold should be maintained before use, and should be painted before rusting and even painting, and strive for beautiful colors. Scaffolding rods, protective railings and skirting rods are evenly painted yellow, and the shear support is evenly painted orange-red. The bottom row and sweep bars are painted red and white.
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