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What are the structural characteristics of aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-24
The basic appearance areas of aluminum alloy stands are on school courts and public places. The stands built in recent years are basically made of aluminum alloy materials. What structural features of aluminum alloy stands have today. Let us take a look today. 1. The material has good corrosion resistance and is maintenance-free for life. Under acidic conditions, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans will not cause damage to this aluminum alloy. Suitable for high temperature and high humidity, exposed parts, seaside and heavily polluted environment. It is an ideal choice for green building materials. 2. High material strength and mass ratio, light weight structure At the same strength, the density alloy material of aluminum is only 1/3 of the density of steel. At present, the tensile strength of the material has reached 300 MPa. In addition, the structure is a self-supporting system, forming a large-span self-weight structure. In the same span type structure, the aluminum alloy structure is generally 1 / 3-1 / 4 of the weight of the steel structure. 3. Standardization and industrialization Standardized factory processing, standardization and industrialization of building components have been achieved. It improves the production efficiency of the construction industry and improves social benefits. 4. Metal bracket fully assembled structure, modular All building components are standardized on site and assembled on site. Simplify the construction process and reduce the requirements of construction equipment and site. Increasing the installation speed and shortening the construction cycle can save about half of the construction time. There is no noise, dust, sewage and other pollution on the construction site, and it is a typical green building. 5. Integration of metal support system, modular function The entire aluminum alloy grandstand system integrates the main structure, function room, control room, stage, awning and other functions into one, and some functions are modular. It conforms to the global development direction of building modularization, industrialization and standardization, and meets the requirements of green buildings.
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