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What aspects need to be considered in choosing

by:Shizhan     2020-03-23
Everyone knows clearly that stage trusses use different types of stage trusses at different event scenes. It is particularly important to choose a suitable truss for the construction of the stage and the construction of the building. In particular, with the improvement of truss technology, more and more professional truss manufacturers have provided more convenience for our industry. However, the new power stage reminds users that the choice of stage truss can be considered from these aspects. First consider the selection of stage truss structure: the use of the building, the building shape, the roof waterproof structure, the span of the roof truss, the supply of structural materials, construction technology and other factors, as well as the characteristics and scope of various trusses. The truss structure should be reasonably stressed, technologically advanced, and economically applicable. Second, each type of truss can play its own role, but the premise is to know and understand the method of building, hoping to provide useful information for everyone. Third, the application of truss structures: civil buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings, entertainment facilities, construction equipment, highway bridges, covering almost all areas of civil engineering. Generally common truss structures include shelving structures, ship offshore platforms, high-rise buildings, and truss bridges. In the end, the truss structure generally refers to the structural system composed of roof trusses and columns. It is often used in single-story industrial workshops. Compared with rigid frame structures, it is more suitable for industrial buildings with large span requirements. Common forms of racks are single-span racks, multi-span racks, contour racks, unequal racks, and zigzag racks.
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