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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
A good brand aluminum alloy scaffolding needs to have what conditions? Good quality is the first condition precedent, scaffolding is mainly used in the construction process of aerial work equipment, excellent quality, good safety performance, high smooth and firm. The second is to provide a large number of construction scheme. Can be called a good brand, there are large companies long-term stable cooperation, such as fe, big companies such as wanda recognition. Again, the product of after-sales. Shenzhen is tengda scaffold with German import castor, prevent slippery, not only super wear resistance, and resistance to pressure bearing capacity is strong, up to 1000 kg. The material of polyester fiber, can reduce the loss of the mobile rain the weather also can firmly fixed on the ground. A good aluminum alloy scaffolding must first lightweight solid easy disassembly, these are the most basic request in the fast loading scaffold, which is the most key inspection standard, but some undesirable businessman only in order to seek profits, shoddy products, cause safety accidents occur frequently. Choose aluminum alloy scaffolding should choose to normal background and with the certificate of manufacturer, can guarantee work efficiency, and can guarantee the life safety of the workers. Shenzhen tengda ladder Dr Brand, have many years of engineering experience, products comply with SGS certification, accord with Europe and the United States ANSI, justice in the United States EN, AS quality inspection standards in Australia, is a company specializing in construction equipment. Products not only have special research and development sales in shenzhen area, guangzhou, Hong Kong has engaged in the design production and sales department. Company qualifications deep, is Hong Kong post bureau, macau office designated suppliers. In shenzhen city construction engineering safety civilization construction standard, tengda inside of aluminum alloy scaffolding honor products popular safety departments, is the choice for engineering operators. If we bear no shoddy, all products are carefully made and become, wall thickness not less than 2 mm, and made some undesirable businessman scaffolding wall thickness is only 1. 5 - 1. Around 7, wall thickness directly influences the stress of the aluminum alloy scaffolding and strong, like a bridge, fewer parts, quality must be different, may at any time there is a risk of bending down. Shenzhen Dr Tengda ladder brand aluminum alloy scaffolding has perfect after-sales service, 24 hours to solve problems for you, free for you to customize the perfect professional engineer construction plan, let you have no trouble back at home. Buy home products, is to buy a lifetime of security operations. Now more launched rental service, with the most affordable price, use safe shenzhen construction standard products. Shenzhen tengda, security context, home safely, high altitude at work is your best partner.
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