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what do you think of when scaffold for indoor decoration

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30

For indoor decorate the scaffold structure stability, how do you think? Here we are on indoor decorate stability of the scaffold structure is introduced. 

Structural instability phenomenon happened according to its range can be divided into: the entire structure or a portion of their instability, instability of individual components and component of local instability; And both can be divided into the in-plane and out-of-plane instability. Sometimes within the scope of the elastic buckling will not occur, and in the whole cross section to plastic elastic-plastic buckling occurred before, so can be divided into the elastic stability, elastic-plastic stability and plasticity and stability. Any kind of instability phenomenon is likely to make structure can't work effectively. Stability problems also can be divided into dynamic stability and static stability. 

The stability concept refers to the static stability. Dynamic stability can be according to the characteristics of energy expressed as: a system by external loading, under the condition of positive damping, the system potential energy and decay over time, the system's dynamic stability; In negative damping cases, the potential energy of system increases over time, the system is dynamic instability. Interior decoration to stability of the scaffold structure content worth to study carefully, there are many scaffolding knowledge content, welcome to inquire.                                

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