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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Stability of the scaffold structure for the site, how do you think? Here is shenzhen tengda given on site construction scaffolding structure stability is introduced. Structural instability phenomenon happened according to its range can be divided into: the whole tower or some of its instability, instability of individual components and component of local instability; And both can be divided into the in-plane and out-of-plane instability. Sometimes within the scope of the elastic buckling will not occur, and in the whole cross section to plastic elastic-plastic buckling occurred before, so can be divided into the elastic stability, elastic-plastic stability and plasticity and stability. Any kind of instability phenomenon is likely to make structure can't work effectively. How to build the safe and stable construction scaffolding: 1, the erection of scaffolding need according to the design requirements. 2, after each take a step of scaffolding, should calibration interval, longitudinal distance, horizontal distance and verticality of stud. 3, the underlying placed shall meet the following requirements: 1) The underlying, pedal on the positioning line shall be accurately. 2) Pedal appropriate USES length of not less than 2 non-slip pedal across, thickness not less than 50 mm, also can use the other materials such as wood. Construction scaffolding advantage: safe and reliable, good joint lock, a series of standardized. Overall performance is good, is equipped with a foot pedal, parallel planes, retaining wall pipe, level and cross bars such as vertical and horizontal lock device. Withstand forces reasonable: vertical directly by the riser under pressure, the performance indicators meet the needs of the construction. Construction scaffolding to maintain anything want to prolong its service life, you need to protect the repair things, to keep the normal state. Then how to do a good job of maintenance it is very necessary, so how to maintain the scaffold? A bar, once appear to bending and deformation situation should be rectified, damaged parts should be repair, ensure it can be used in the construction of normal. 2, when deposited in the open air, to ensure that the storage site of flatness, good drainage, horizontal pad, and a cover, accessories, parts should be placed in the interior.
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