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What is a scaffold, which is divided into several? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Scaffold has a long history, is to do necessary construction tools. Scaffold for construction and erection of the feeding, feed and construction work with temporary structure frame, is to provide work platform for the construction or operation channel of the important facilities. Meet the basic requirements for scaffolding is: width workers operation, materials piled up and transportation needs; Strong and stable; Installation is simple and can be used repeatedly turnaround. Many different kinds of scaffolding, according to the erection of position is divided into external scaffolding and scaffolding; According to the materials used are divided into wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding and metal scaffold; According to its structural form is divided into many stud type, frame type, bridge, hanging, hanging, lift and tool for operation between the layers scaffold; According to the erection of highly divided into high-level scaffolding and ordinary scaffolding, etc. Made of metal, a multifunctional composite scaffold is widely applied, such as commonly used fastener type steel scaffold outside scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, door type steel pipe scaffold, etc. Fastener scaffold is by standard steel pipe ( Vertical rod, bar, diagonal) Skeleton and special fasteners of scaffolding and scaffolding, protective components, such as pieces of even the wall of a scaffold is by far the most commonly used. Scaffolding must be approved by design calculation, its carrying capacity should meet the requirements of according to the probability limit state design method, USES the partial coefficient design expression, and the component of the strength, stiffness and stability. Fastener scaffold with rod parts number, loading and unloading, convenient and less conducive to construction operations; Erection of flexible, can build highly; Strong and durable, easy to use, etc. Bowl scaffold made by steel tube pole, cross bar, bowl buckle joint and so on, are widely used in buildings, Bridges, culverts, tunnels, chimney, water tower, DAMS, the scaffolding and other engineering construction of large span. Bowl of scaffold pole pieces of nodes connected by bowl, reliable connection, scaffolding of the overall performance is good, so the rapid development of applications. Outside the door type steel pipe scaffold can be used as scaffolding, scaffolding and fertility in the scaffold, is a kind of factory production, site erection of scaffolding, made of common steel materials tool type standard parts: the basic unit is composed of a pair of door type frame, two pairs of scissors and a pair of horizontal beam frame and a mix of four connector at the construction site. Door type steel pipe scaffold has the size of standardization, reasonable structure, good mechanical performance, easy construction of outfit, safe and reliable, economical and practical characteristics and become one of the most common scaffolding in today's international application. If put the wheel at the bottom of the door frame, can also be used as a mechanical and electrical installation, paint finish, equipment maintenance, advertising activity the workbench. Of high-rise building construction, which has been widely applied at present is elevating scaffold, including jack-up, mutual lift, lift three types as a whole. Lifting scaffold characteristics including scaffolding without full build, set-up to meet only the height of the construction operation and safety requirements; The ground does not need to do support scaffolding of the solid foundation, does not account for construction site; Under scaffold and bear the load of the structure to meet the strength requirement; Along with the construction process, the scaffold can be subsequently along the outer wall lift, structure construction can improve step by step from down to up, down when decorate construction by the falling one by one. For elevating the strength of the scaffold, a stable and fixed with lifting method must carry on the detailed design, and the corresponding experiment was carried out. The construction of the scaffold has a single row and double row. Single type only a row of columns, the other end of the rail bearing on the wall, metope scaffold holes need to repair. Scaffold with the outside walls of Rachel, to increase stability. Rachel pieces can be set up 3 across every step 3 1 root, Rachel has rigid and flexible one. The scaffolding, within the building and used for the wall masonry or interior decoration construction. Scaffold for tool type, usually including folding, pillar type, structure forms such as conveyor, lightweight flexible, convenient installation, etc.
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