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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen buji scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine both outdoor and indoor decoration, construction personnel shall be conducted by auxiliary tools to construction, folding stool is one of them, so what is the horse decoration folding stool? Below small make up for everybody introduction, see together! Decorate a folding horse stool? Decorate folding stool, also known as the scaffold, is for the outside construction personnel safety maintenance, operation and high altitude installation components such as the use of up and down. Horse stool, there are many kinds of materials of steel, bamboo, wood, and synthetic materials, folding are produced by adopting steel tube, common horse decoration folding stool size: 160 cm, 30 cm * 30 cm * 30 cm * 140 cm, 180 cm. Fold the horse stool brand have? 1, had high has mainly engaged in elevator, joint ladder, multi-purpose ladder, stair stool, stainless steel ladder, cabinet, household ladder stairs, home folding ladder, insulation ladder, herringbone ladder, steel ladder, folding ladder, engineering ladder, aluminum ladder, tools, ladders, telescopic ladder, stairs, etc. Since founded, has been trying to use high quality products and good services to users. 2, hasegawa dongguan dongguan hasegawa, founded in 1956, Japan set up factories in China in 2001, the famous brand of household ladder, specializing in the production of horticultural ladder, folding stool, bamboo ladder, portable ladder, multifunctional shave, shaft bracket, aerial work platform of the top companies such as home folding ladder, with safety and durability for the brand products have been popular. 3, XinBu XinBu was founded in 2000, the specialty is engaged in the elevator industry 18 years, the production of the first generation of the second generation of household iron ladder is more sales. Since its inception, was deeply loved by the masses of users, and constantly strive to become the industry's most top brand. 4, the sen's main production of folding bed, folding table, folding stool and other products, decorating the important steel furniture is given priority to, the sessions of the folding stool all adopt the framework of upset, very convenient, and designed can touch corner protector, not only to protect the safety of construction personnel, has increased its service life. Small make up summary: that is about to decorate folding stool is what of the related content, hope to be of help. Shenzhen buji scaffolding
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