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What is most important in the background frame

by:Shizhan     2020-05-12
As a truss manufacturer, it is often troubled by the background frame. If you have a customer inquiry, ask: What product in your home has a good background frame effect, strong and reliable, is it a square or round tube? In fact, in the case of non-human damage, the background frame built with any truss can be used for a long time. However, with the human factor, even the best background frame is useless. During the construction process, some people are habitually lazy, such as undercounting the rear support rod. Another example; the common sense of installation with 4 screws at an adapter is ignored, thinking that one less screw will be fine, anyway, there are supports! Under such a construction idea, how can the background frame be built well? Shizhan metal products: square tube truss, anti-rust galvanized, factory direct sales usually build a background frame, be sure to install a supporting rod at the rear to counterweight, to ensure that the truss will not be displaced or collapsed due to external forces. It can be said that the correct construction idea is the key factor to improve the utilization rate of the background frame, and the quality of the product only accounts for the important factor. Looking at different truss again, take square tube truss and round tube truss as examples. Generally, the square tube truss construction background frame has the advantages of rapid construction, no square head connection is required, and the stability is slightly poor; the round tube truss background background frame is fast and convenient, and requires a square head to connect, but the stability is strong and suitable Use in outdoor environment. Shizhan metal products: common background rack construction schemes, or to build a background rack, one has to look at the product, the product function is different, and can not be mixed and misused; second, the construction must be careful, not because you do n’t care about what is missing, you must make up Qi, let the background stand carefully, and rest assured. Jiangsu Shizhan metal products, stage truss manufacturer, has many years of industry experience, exclusive plant, well-equipped, mature technology, factory direct sales, direct supply from stock, support customized on demand.
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