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What is the aluminum alloy scaffolding - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security division

by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Aluminum alloy scaffolding, just as its name implies is a kind of aluminum alloy material for processing and production of scaffolding products. Aluminum alloy scaffolding material belongs to a kind of building materials industry innovation, scaffolding, for example it can be seen in the building materials industry still need to constantly to break through the traditional concept, to produce a new type of scaffolding products for construction industry development needs. Some basic use scope statement aluminum alloy aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding double wide vertical ladder frame work for straight ladder, inclined ladder or by ladder to choose; Suitable for construction and industrial use; Vertical ladder structure provides maximum working space, reduce the build time; Any level, scaffolding work platform can be set up to the tower height is 46 cm per level; The combination of exquisite design have greater flexibility, and improve the utilization rate; Installation is simple and quick. Aluminum alloy scaffolding double wide walk ladder frame work with wide framework USES 45 degrees; Convenient to carry on the tools and materials handling; Aluminum alloy scaffolding attached handrails, platforms, self lock, security firm; 3. 4. Level 5 walk ladders to highly flexible use; Lightweight solid structure, set up easily; Aluminum alloy scaffolding work frame bridge: the bridge with handrail column, the door frame used to suit different environmental needs. The practicability of aluminum alloy scaffolding have a great effect on the future development, but also constantly updated to adapt to the rapid development of society. Aluminum alloy scaffolding items should be paid attention to in the use aluminum scaffolding are often used to stage production, property management, hotel cleaning maintenance, power plants, oil refining, chemical industry, maintenance, etc. Security is the precondition of the construction. What should be paid attention to when using aluminum alloy scaffolding? I remind you the following: check before construction, do not use defective scaffold. 2. Use scaffolding, must ensure that the basic level, and can bear the brunt of the scaffold. When uneven foundation, aluminum alloy scaffolding caster should be adjusted, the whole tower is in a state level. Aluminum alloy scaffolding weight is light, pay attention to avoid exposure to the strong wind, the wind or intermediate in the breeze. Workers in the construction and aerial work must wear your seat belt and helmet. Please install the safety net around the workspace, in order to prevent the heavy fall and hurt others. When used independently, high tower is too high, must be installed in accordance with the relevant provisions and inclined support or affiliate framework. Pay attention to safety in the process of using, it is forbidden to play and play on the tower, put an end to the accident. After use and remove the aluminum alloy scaffolding, should be checked thoroughly before disassembly. Remove shall be carried out from top to bottom in turn. After disassembly, classification and storage of the parts were, convenient to use next time. Remember: safety first, work second. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is designed to meet the strict requirements of customers, its light weight, clean, safe, easy to assemble and other characteristics make it widely used in industry, construction, stage production, property management, hotel cleaning and maintenance, power plants, oil refining, chemical industry, and maintenance etc, its main reason is that according to the different scope of aluminum alloy scaffolding. Aluminum alloy scaffolding single wide vertical ladder work frame, can be used for automatic staircase, general escalator etc. The structure; Can through the door of the general or pedestrian access; Compact, easy to shipment pickup trucks.
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