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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
The scaffolding is a general designation, people used to plant climb, some used for building the scaffolding, scaffolding refers to strut framed structures during the construction of temporary support. Commonly used steel tube, aluminum tube. In the construction industry, scaffolding and scaffolding scaffolding, is refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support. Architecture of the generic term, refers to the construction site in exterior, interior, or higher storey height can't construction directly. This generally is steel and aluminum alloy material, now generally small cost directly, the needs of the large drawings, out of the building solutions such as more than thousands of flat, need security personnel sign, generally the scaffolding in view of the shortcomings of existing technology, the utility model provides a level of the scaffolding, away from the steel wire can be fixed on the frame, the branch that make the branch is not easy to break. In order to achieve the above, the utility model provides the following technical scheme: the set-up for a levels, including columns and fixed on the top of the column and steel wire into square frame, described in the plane surface on the steel wire is equipped with multiple fixed ring, each retaining ring includes a connector and a ring in the branches of the first band, the connector has a fixed buckle and for the first band through the first hole, one end of the first band connected to the connector is fixed, the other end with multiple edge using the above technical scheme, the branches and steel wire on the shelf by fixed ring together, the branches of the force of steel wire is pulled to the shelf, and slowly bending to the side of the shelf in the face of steel wire. After a period of time, adjust and tighten the first band, make trees are closer to the wire on the shelf, retaining ring pull of branches and branches gradually close to the wire on the shelf. With direct pulling branches with fixed on the shelves of steel wire rope operation method, compared the branches will not break, also not easy to damage. At the same time, the retaining ring is simple to use. Scaffolding including pillar, multiple, multiple connected to the backbone of presser foot, and between the pillars of beam, beam is made from high strength low alloy structural steel, pillar and presser foot is made from carbon structural steel, sandwich made of waterproof materials. The length of the sandwich beam with the same interval arrangement; The width of the mezzanine is less than the width of the beam. Although the present invention provides the steel structure of the scaffold can not only improve the structural strength, and make use of the clever design. The utility model is set up as follows: the first part of the wall and the first area along the length direction of the first ratchet fixed connection Settings, first ratchet addendum surface and through the hole in the opposite direction, away from the area of the inclined surface, the first hole in the wall and engage with the first ratchet second ratchet fixed connection, the second ratchet addendum surface through the area using the above technical scheme, after the first ring threaded through the first hole, first ratchet and second ratchet gearing, made the first ring under the pull of the branch, is not easy in the first hole reverse move, the first ring band and the first hole separation, the branches is not easy to out of retaining ring, made of branches and surface of steel wire connected more closely. Eagle wearing the utility model is also set to have: the connector from the first band is set in one side of the second fixed buttons and the second zone, the second with ring on the frame surface steel wire; The connector for the second ring with through the second hole; The second band with the connector at the end of the fixed connection; The second fixed at the other end is equipped with multiple hole, along the length direction of the second band Settings, and cooperate with the second button fixed card. The scaffolding scaffolding, Scaffolding scaffolding) Is to meet the high standards of security needs and manufacturing today, is a new international standard in accordance with the movable scaffolding EN10041 BS, BSIBS1139: Part3 design scaffolding system strictly, meet and exceed the JGS1001 - at the same time The diversity of product mix, wide range of USES, safe and reliable, light and quick.
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