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What is the application advantage of aluminum alloy stage

by:Shizhan     2020-05-17
Aluminum alloy stage, an activity stage made of aluminum alloy, is widely used in large-scale event performances. Compared with the ordinary steel stage, the aluminum alloy stage has obvious advantages, such as texture, beautiful, good load-bearing, no rust and durability. However, as for these advantages, it is not very clear. The first is the material. The aluminum alloy stage is made of aluminum alloy, and the structure of the stage is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material. Originally, aluminum is a relatively active metal component, but in order to ensure the stability of the performance of aluminum alloy stage, the technicians have improved the acid and alkali resistance ability, carried out oxidation treatment to improve the corrosion effect of aluminum alloy stage. Decoration metal products: aluminum alloy stage, factory direct sales, special car distribution followed by accessories. The specifications of the columns, brackets and other accessories of the aluminum alloy stage have their production standards to ensure good load bearing and stability of the stage; the stage board surface is made of high-quality waterproof non-slip board, its thickness is up to 20 mm, has a certain toughness The high-temperature hot-pressing process is more powerful than ordinary wooden boards. Finally, the reflective effect is good. Because various types of lights are needed to set off the atmosphere on the stage, and the aluminum alloy material has a good reflective effect, it can make the stage brilliant and brilliant during the performance. To sum up, the application advantages of aluminum alloy stage are not simple, but there are reasons. But in most cases, people omit this point, so many people outside the industry do not understand. Shizhan is committed to: R & D and manufacturing of iron, aluminum stage, T stage, truss, lighting rack, iron horse, guardrail, road flag, chorus and other celebration display supplies, advertising campaign supplies, factory modern production base, integrating R & D, production , Office and warehousing, is one of China's star manufacturers of display supplies.
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