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What is the difference between aluminum alloy truss and steel truss? - - - - - - Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-19
What is the difference between aluminum alloy truss and steel frame? At first glance, apparently due to different materials, and just because the material is different, can lead to more place will be some differences, different materials: 1 one is aluminum alloy as the main material, a steel material, the service life of nature they can make a big difference between 2, aluminum trusses are different specifications for a variety of specifications, the conventional 200 * 200 mm, 300 * 300 mm, 400 * 400 mm and more specifications, steel is usually only 200 * 200 mm square tube type. 3, different surface treatment of steel often paint or galvanized, etc to prevent rust, aluminum alloy is usually metallic silver. 4, different purposes, such as the former used in large lamp, hang lighting and acoustics, which is often used in small advertising background frame. And aluminum trusses have screw and bolt aluminum trusses, aluminum alloy truss and can be a variety of shapes, steel frame is no so many varieties of purpose. 5, the price is different to conventional steel truss in 30 - price 40 per meter, aluminum alloy frame price different specifications of 100 per metre, in 200 - large specifications 300 per metre, even meet special modelling, have higher custom type model price.
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