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What is the difference between integrated scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Scaffolding refers to various supports erected on the construction site for workers to operate and handle vertical and horizontal transportation. A general term in the construction industry, refers to the construction site used in the center of the exterior wall, interior decoration or high storey that cannot be directly constructed. Mainly for the construction personnel to work up and down or to protect the outer safety nets and high-altitude installation components. To put it bluntly, it is to build the scaffolding. The scaffolding materials usually include: bamboo, wood, steel pipe or synthetic materials.

Comprehensive scaffolding is calculated according to the building area, and single scaffolding is calculated according to the vertical projection area of ??the scaffold.
This is a budgetary issue and depends on the local quota rules. Different rules have different calculation results.

1. Comprehensive scaffolding includes: (a) Internal and external wall masonry scaffolding (b) External wall scaffolding
(C) Ramps and loading platforms within 20m of eaves height Not included
(A) Plastering or installing scaffolding for ceilings above 3.6m in height
(B) Concrete transport scaffolding with a foundation depth exceeding 2m (from the designed outdoor floor) (c) Elevator hoistway scaffolding (d) Pedestrian aisle protective scaffolding
(e) House scaffolding, structures and subordinate engineering scaffolding
When the above comprehensive scaffolding does not include the occurrence of the project, it will be calculated according to the separate project of the single scaffolding rule.

2. The comprehensive scaffolding is calculated according to the building area of ??the house, and the unit of measurement is square meters. The detailed calculation rules refer to the calculation rules of building area.

3. Full hall scaffolding is suitable for ceiling installations, ceiling plastering or installations with a height of more than 3.6m and less than 5.2m are calculated according to the basic floor of the full hall scaffolding, and the height is above 5.2m, and the additional floor is calculated according to the fixed amount. If only jointing, When painting or painting, the full house scaffolding is multiplied by a coefficient of 0.2. When the full house scaffolding stops multiple operations at the same operating site (not separately erected), only one scaffolding fee can be calculated.
Project quantity: Calculated according to the projected area of ??the ceiling, excluding the area occupied by stacks, columns, and wall chimneys. The height of the working surface is the height of the designed interior from the sky (floor) to the bottom of the ceiling; those without a ceiling are to the bottom of the floor (roof). Inclined ceiling (roof) is calculated according to the uniform height; some ceilings whose height exceeds 3.6m are calculated according to the exceeding area.
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