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What is the difference between TRUSS frame, mobile

by:Shizhan     2020-05-16
In daily life, people often hear the words TRUSS, mobile scaffolding, and aluminum stage trusses. For people who don't have a good grasp of stage equipment, what is the difference between the three is a headache problem. So today, let's discuss the relationship between the following three. Aluminum alloy stage truss The first truss frame, mobile scaffolding and aluminum alloy stage truss are all the same in terms of main purpose. They are all used for stage layout. The Chinese expression of 'truss' means binding, bundle, bundle, and architecture. In short, the truss frame can be understood as an iron shelf tied together. ? The truss frame refers to a plan or space layout frame with a triangular module composed of straight rods. It is generally a column type. It is mostly used for the construction of outdoor temporary booths and skeleton maps in the background. It is also called a mobile scaffold. ? Because the triangle has reliability, the truss architecture is the overall design based on its basic principles, so the reliability is better when the truss architecture is used to build the performance stage. Therefore, in the entire construction process, it must cooperate with the exhibition booth and its skeleton to maintain the construction of the performance stage. ? In terms of materials, the truss frame is made of steel, concrete structure, prestressed concrete, wood, steel-wood composition, steel and concrete. According to the appearance, truss frame has triangle, trapezoid, irregular figure, parallel face string, empty stomach and other types. ? Aluminum alloy stage truss, under normal circumstances, aluminum alloy stage truss can be used to build large and medium-sized stage lighting and sound background maps, etc. It can be used to build bridges, large and medium-sized engineering buildings, etc. Therefore, it is generally welded by welding in the middle The water pipes (vertical poles) of the lottery buckle are much larger than the mobile scaffold (TRUSS).
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