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What is the main type of scaffolding of consumer goods? Metallic materials - are used Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on flying for

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
The consumption of scaffolding including at least four different ways, including scaffolding, die casting, centrifugal type scaffolding and continuous type scaffold. I will for you to define the main process of scaffold, it can be used in the manufacture of metal in different industries. Die casting is the process of production engineering metal parts, it forces molten metal become reusable mold under high pressure. It is often referred to as die casting grinding tool. The grinding tool can be used to generate the height of the complex shapes and repeatability. The most nonferrous metals by die casting, especially zinc, copper, aluminum alloy, non-ferrous casting, but it is possible. Aluminum castings can be in all process, & quot; Scaffolding & quot; A small amount of metal in the casting the metal. Effects of aluminum production factors such as cost, quality and feasibility. If you are looking for supplier contact, aluminum, iron and nonferrous metal & quot; Scaffolding & quot; Interested in it. Is 6061 aluminum alloy after heat treatment the pre-tension technology production of high quality aluminum alloy products, its strength is not compared with 2 or 7 XXX XXX department system, but its more magnesium, silicon alloy properties, has the excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and processing after deformation, dense material without defects and easy polishing, coloring film easily, such as oxidation effect, excellent antirust good features. Very appropriate as the scaffold material of aluminum alloy, light and strong. Wall thickness is commonly used in 2. 0 mm aluminium tube. Steel pipe scaffold specification requirements? 1. Steel pipe scaffold application 48 ~ 51 mm outside diameter, wall thickness 3 ~ 3. 5 mm, no serious erosion, bending, flattening or crack of steel pipe. Specification is used in the 48 * 3. 5mm。 There are 48. 3 * 3. 6, 48. 3 * 3. 2 wait for a few kinds. 2. Steel pipe scaffold of coherent application needs to pass the bar steel fasteners, lead wire and other materials shall be used for binding; 3. Outside scaffolding steel stud spacing shall not be greater than 1. 8 m, big bar spacing shall not be greater than 1. 8 m, small bar spacing is not greater than 1. 5m; 4. Tube scaffolding need to press the floor structure, then pulling on contact with the vertical distance of not more than 4 m, levels shall not exceed six meters. Used for bonding strength of materials shall not be lower than the strength of the twisted-pair 8 lead. Flexible material shall be used for fasten the high shelf. A joint reliable support. 5. The operation of the steel pipe scaffold surface needs to be put with scaffolding plank, away from the wall shall not be greater than 200 mm, can not have gaps and probe plate, fly the springboard. Scaffolding the lower horizontal blanket net. Outside the operation of the rail surface should be two feet a block or a set of railings, safe lifting bracket, mouth sealed, protection shall be 1 m. The bamboo as the supporting plate of banana; 6. Deformation the structure of the steel pipe scaffold need to make sure that the overall height in more than 20 m scaffold, longitudinal need to set up bracing, its width must not exceed 7 lever, and the horizontal plane Angle should be 45 to 60 degrees. Height under the 20 m, you must set up positive and negative inclined support; 7. Special scaffolding and height in more than 20 m tall scaffolding, need to have a design scheme; 8. Used in the structure, bearing scaffold, use load shall not exceed 2646 n / ㎡. Decorate with, external scaffolding using load shall not exceed 1960 n / ㎡; Edges and the outside of the structure of the 9. The horizontal and vertical distance between foreign overhead lines ( Including the scaffold with) Not less than 3 m; All kinds of steel pipe scaffold before put into use, person in charge of construction must be used tissue scaffolding support personnel and security personnel inspection checks, the handover acceptance formalities. Special scaffolding, before supporting, tear open outfit, technical department must develop a plan of safety construction, and to technical leadership for examination and approval before construction.
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