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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Scaffolding is necessary in the construction of temporary facilities. The decoration of the building, cleaning, etc. , all need to build scaffolding, so that in the construction operation, pile construction materials and necessary level of short distance transportation. From the kinds of scaffolding erection of material, the scaffold is not only the traditional scaffolding bamboo, wood, and steel tube scaffold. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold and points, bowl type, door type, tool type; According to the erection of poling row number, and can be divided into single row, double bent and fertility. According to the erection of use, and can be divided into the building frame, decorate; According to the erection location can be divided into external scaffolding, scaffolding and scaffolding tools within three broad categories. The role of scaffolding and basic requirements of the scaffold should not only meet the needs of the construction, and to create conditions to ensure the engineering quality and improve working efficiency, also shall be the organization of rapid construction for face, to ensure the safety of construction personnel. Scaffolds should have enough robustness and stability, guarantee during the construction of the load specified in or under the influence of climatic conditions not deformation, not shake, do not tilt, can guarantee the safety of the workers; To have enough area to provide feed, transportation, operation and walking requirements; Structure simple, the erection, dismantle and transport more convenient, use safer. Scaffold design called the scaffold is designed according to the purpose of the scaffold ( Bearing, decoration) , projects under construction requirements, such as height, shape and size of the design of stud spacing, big bar spacing even wall piece, etc. , and calculate the stress of the bar in this design cases, can meet the requirements, if not meet, stud spacing can be adjusted again, big bar spacing and even the position set of walls, etc. The use and management use scaffolding, scaffold should be set for the safety of the operators use the up and down escalator, gym or ramps; After the erection of should check acceptance, after inspection qualified to be used; On the scaffold at the same time, under the condition of multilayer, various assignments between layers should be set reliable protective casing, to prevent the upper falling objects and the lower operating personnel; To keep an eye on the scaffold of repair and reinforcement. Scaffolding special construction scheme, should include the scheme and measures of scaffolding removal, demolition should be strictly observed.
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