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What is the Scaffolding 】 The architecture of the characteristics - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Scaffolding refers to the construction site, construction personnel of construction as well as the need to transport the material when to vertical and horizontal transportation of all kinds of stents. The scaffold structure is what? Let below small make up to say a thing or two. Scaffolding is the stacking materials and workers operating in the process of engineering construction temporary facilities. 。 The width of the basic requirements for scaffolding is: scaffold should meet the requirements of workers, materials storage and transport operation, strong stability, easy installation, and turnover of many times. Different scaffolding series has its own structure characteristics, performance and application restrictions. Different construction scaffolding set requirements also have the same and differences. Therefore, in solving the problem of construction scaffolding Settings, need to meet the needs of the construction and ensure the requirement of safety, comprehensive consideration of various conditions and factors, to solve practical problems; Scaffold architecture consists of basic structure, the overall stability and resistance to lateral force member, even the wall pieces and unloading device, operation layer facilities and other security protection facilities of five parts. But no matter what the scaffold architecture, security, standardized operation must be done well. Scaffolding safety protection facilities should be able to provide safety protection, effectively prevent tumble in the rack items, slide, prevent people falling objects, slip, strike, etc. ( 1) Job site should set safety containment and warning signs, irrelevant personnel shall be prohibited from entering the construction area; Or lost has not been formed on the stability of the structure of the scaffold areas provide temporary support or other reliable security measures; On the buckle to hang the no content, should set belts bus or hang a safety net; Set the material on or condole facilities, forbid throwing. ( 2) Scaffold for the operation of scaffolding must be covered and binding firm shall not leave gaps and the distance between probes plate scaffold board and metope is generally not more than cm operation outside of the facade of protective facilities can be used according to the specific circumstances to determine set net, fence, springboard for protection. ( 3) The scaffold of the lateral airport ( Street) Surface according to the specific conditions using safety set net, bamboo springboard, tarpaulin etc. Completely closed, opening ( Street) Set up the secure channel, according to specific situation and build protective casing. ( 4) Close to or through the scaffolding of the pedestrian and transport channels need to set up protective shed; Up and down the scaffold has a height difference of inward and outward should step and barrier; The scaffold ladder step anti-skid measures when necessary, climb the ladder must set armrest. Finally recommend aluminum alloy scaffolding safety and reliability, good joint self-locking ability, series of standardization. Function on the whole: equipped with foot pedal, parallel to the frame, retaining wall pipe, level and cross bars such as vertical and horizontal lock device. Under load is reasonable: vertical directly by the riser under pressure, each function indexes meet the needs of the construction. Good fire prevention function, anticorrosive, antirust, all the frame and accessories for aluminum alloy. These characteristics of aluminum alloy scaffolding and advantages make it favored by the majority of users and praise, has been widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, store signs, Bridges, building support, foster viaduct, highways, culverts, tunnels, dam, power stations, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, etc. , can also be used to build into various stages, balcony, stand, or advertising, etc.
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