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by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
I in shenzhen a few days ago, a friend of mine in the next room is building a house, listen to that building Lao shifu said, was finally a parapet can be completed, a small edit puzzled. I asked what building great master, knowledge is the parapet, and then building great master explained that parapet is at the top of the wall construction, we used to build houses of brick wall and, just a short wall. Specifies the height of the parapet. In order to have effective protective effect, the height of the wall should not be less than 1. 2 m, to avoid the intention of the owner of parapet heightening, the height of the parapet is not greater than 1. 5m。 There are also made the parapet of scaffolding in a circle. Parapet should have no effect? Let's talk to you. Parapet wall is built in order to prevent the people at the top level drops. For example, in the old rural areas, we are not a place, in the doorway with rice. We usually move the rice to the top of the building. In the sun, parapet wall can be a good way to prevent people out on the down insurance. Now, we are at home a lot of people will put the clothes or the quilt to dry on the roof. In the roof of the outdoor environment, which can effectively sterilize clothes. When our roof roof is full of water, can install conduit below the parapet, in order to effectively drainage at the top. Water, what curious friend asked, why called parapet? There is a legend, in ancient times, a construction worker may be special reasons, working out every time with daughter. One day working in the attic, daughter playing accidentally fell from the roof to the ground, when the father found the Achilles' heel, from then on the roof built small walls, and give it a name called parapet, from then on, people also follow this call.
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