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What issues should be paid attention to when aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-27
The overall structure of the aluminum alloy scaffolding adopts a 'building block' combination design, and the components are standardized and there are no loose parts. Therefore, we only need two workers when installing, and we can build an aerial work platform in a short time without any installation tools. So, what issues should be paid attention to when aluminum alloy scaffolding is used in high-rise building construction? Below, let's take a look with the editor! 1. The support structure that is shaped and needs to be strengthened by rotation and expansion is applied to outgoing balconies, cantilever beams, and variable cross-section geometric cross-section rules. High-rise buildings are more effective and more obvious. 2. On the bottom support truss, it needs to be prepared according to the number of building molds, and it also needs to be connected and removed by bolting to basically achieve stereotypes, assembly, standardization, and strong versatility. 3. Lifting and using both rely on two-way restraint lifting to prevent the overturn of the inside and outside of the rack 4. The use of functional climbing frame construction requires 3 to 5 to save labor costs for climbing frame lifting. The effect of shortening the construction period is very significant and the cost can be reduced. 5. Material cost saving function The climbing frame body is 4 to 4.5 times the height of the floor according to the construction progress. It is raised and lowered layer by layer compared to the double-row outer scaffolding surface directly connected to the top layer. The amount of steel used is reduced by 40% 6. When the functional climbing frame is in the ascending state, it can meet the needs of the top bar reinforcement of the structural construction, the formwork, the concrete pouring and the part demolishing turnover; the landing can meet the decoration construction primer, plastering, paint spraying, veneer, glass Curtain wall installation and other requirements 7. The vertical main frame and the bottom support truss group force transmission system each node rod axis meets at a point, the force is reasonable, and the overall stability 8. Vertical main frame steel frame guide rails The inner limbs of the vertical main frame need to be installed and dismantled by setting restrictions on changes in building height; also the outside and the part of the use are fully protected to facilitate civilized construction and have a regular, smooth and beautiful appearance
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