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What kind of standard does the welded pipe of

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Mobile scaffolding has relatively high requirements for welded pipes, and generally it needs to meet the current national standards 'Longitudinal Welded Pipes' (GB/T13793-92) or 'Welded Pipes for Low Pressure Fluid Transport' (GB/T3092) Q235A ordinary welded pipe , Its material performance should meet the current national standard 'Carbon Structural Steel' (GB/T700).

The specification of welded pipe for mobile scaffolding is Φ48×3.5mm, and the wall thickness of welded pipe shall not be less than 3.5-0.025mm. The upper bowl buckle, adjustable base and adjustable support nut should be made of malleable cast iron or cast steel, and the mechanical properties of the material should meet the requirements of KTH330-08 in GB9440 and ZG270-500 in GB11352.
The wall thickness of the pole connecting outer tube shall not be less than 3.5-0.025mm, the inner diameter shall not be greater than 50 mm, the outer tube length shall not be less than 160mm, and the outer elongation shall not be less than 110mm. 3.5.7 The welding of the rods should be carried out in special tooling, and the welding parts should be firm and reliable, and the height of the welding seam should not be less than 3.5mm. Φ12mm connecting pin can be inserted into the connecting hole where the pole and pole are connected. Install 1-4 cross bars on the bowl buckle node at the same time, and the upper bowl buckle should be able to lock.
The lower cup buckle, cross bar joint, and diagonal bar joint should be made of carbon cast steel, and the mechanical properties of the material should meet the requirements of ZG230-450 in GB11352. The lower bowl buckle integrally formed by hot stamping of steel plate shall meet the requirements of Q235A grade steel in the GB700 standard, and the thickness of the plate shall not be less than 6mm. And after 600~650・C aging treatment. It is strictly forbidden to use waste and corroded steel plates to restructure.
Welded pipes for mobile scaffolding must meet the above standards, because the quality of welded pipes is related to the quality of the mobile scaffolding, and even more important to the quality of future construction.
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