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What matters need attention when repairing and

by:Shizhan     2020-05-26
????At present, the aluminum alloy truss stage has received extensive attention in the Chinese market. Among them, the aluminum alloy stage has become one of the most common materials in China's stage construction due to its simple installation and very stable effect. However, because of the long-term use of this aluminum alloy stage, there will be problems such as decay, so we need regular maintenance. Therefore, we have mastered good repair and maintenance skills is an important way to improve the life of aluminum alloy stage, then, what are the precautions on the maintenance of aluminum alloy stage? Below, the editor will take you to understand it! 1. Use a soft cloth to scrub the surface of the product. When we want to keep the original gloss of the aluminum alloy stage when cleaning it, we must use a clean cotton cloth to scrub the surface, and also need to combine a mild detergent to quickly clean the stains on the aluminum alloy stage In this way, the previous use time can be guaranteed, so that the surface of a good aluminum alloy stage will not be scratched and the original gloss can be maintained to show better results in the stage display. ? 2. Pay attention to handling and installation to avoid damage. I believe everyone knows that aluminum alloy is a relatively soft material, so it may appear deformed under strong impact, and even a reputable aluminum alloy stage material may produce a change in appearance under excessive impact. Therefore, in order to make the aluminum alloy stage show better results, it must be careful to avoid bending during handling and use. 3. Pay attention to regularly clean easily damaged parts. In order to make the effect of aluminum alloy stage construction better, we need to install screws at the activities, so we also need to focus on checking the position of the vulnerable position, and when the wear and tear can be adjusted in time. ? ???The above are a few precautions for aluminum alloy stage maintenance. As long as we all operate in strict accordance with the above, the construction effect of the aluminum alloy stage can be guaranteed, and the aluminum alloy stage construction accessories can be used for a long time without damage. For some consumers who use it for a long time, it is best to carry out anti-rust treatment at intervals to ensure that the surface of the aluminum alloy is always shiny and new, and to ensure its maximum service life and to be more stable and lasting.
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