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What matters need to be paid attention to in the

by:Shizhan     2020-05-24
1. For the newly poured reinforced concrete wall, it must be calculated according to the length of the wall structure and multiplied by the height of the wall, and the double-row scaffolding project of the corresponding height is applied. 2. For the single beam or continuous beam on the freshly poured reinforced concrete, it is necessary to calculate according to the length of the beam structure multiplied by the height of the outdoor design floor surface to the top surface of the beam, and apply a double row scaffold of corresponding height Project, the frame column associated with it is no longer counted as scaffolding. 3. For independent brick, stone and reinforced concrete columns, the calculation is based on the perimeter of the column structure plus the area of 3.6 meters multiplied by the height of the column; if the height is below 3.6 meters, a single row is applied Quota for scaffolding; however, if the height is more than 3.6 meters, double-row scaffolding quota of corresponding height needs to be applied.
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