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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
New type of scaffold is T6 - Button scaffolding of 6061 aluminum alloy material, this word is relative to the previous bamboo pole wheel button, the door of the scaffold is concerned, there are several remarkable characteristics of new type, 1. Mobile 2. In accordance with eu standards. 3. All parts conform to the safety production standard, namely EN1004. New ways, the in the quick installation and dismantling of scaffolding used widely also have a certain advantage, not only can be used in the ground, underground excavation, dangling metope, hanging gardens can be used. Such as the MTR access 50 meters long time project, new type of scaffold is connected into the shape of a cantilever type, 50 meters belong to the category of ultrahigh scaffold structures, the whole support in foundation pit wall vertically, not only the difficulty coefficient is big, and the tight, the tool has the strict high homework, because of the similar situation, a lot of usage, in the period of construction project usually adopt the way of the lease, the manufacturer the construction scheme, the technical guidance, etc. Outdoor button scaffold work without the permission of the height of 68 meters. Another sky garden and other places to use when need to install into the shape of a float type suspension, the underlying and normal build up on the second floor, and in the side of the need to work on the second floor beams and fences, and pedals, the following figure. New when a new button scaffolding is 15 meters tower scaffold mobile operating platform, with ordinary aluminum alloy using 5 inch and 6 inch two different models have different prices and functions. 5 inches for ordinary mobile, 6 inch has the versatility, castor with swirls adjustable height, the brake is more flexible, slightly higher price a little. New scaffold in the assemble into T stage activities, exhibition, stage lights, have built a gantry type, deserve to go up the base and support, good solid base part, four angles of pillar height reasonable adjustment, to connect again. After finishing the basic framework of charged operation, there is a need for scaffolding workers must wear insulating gloves again after work. New scaffolding industry prospect is good, in big cities such as Shanghai has recently published documents, clearly pointed out that in the construction of large projects need to use the button scaffolding.
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