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What safety problems will occur during the construction

by:Shizhan     2020-05-25
??The stage lighting stand is now mainly used in the construction of most performances, celebrations, weddings, openings and other activities, especially because of the construction of many inexperienced personnel, a little carelessness will cause accidents. So, what safety issues do we need to pay attention to when constructing stage lighting stands? Below, let's take a look at it together! ?Aluminum alloy stage lighting stand 1. There should not be too much space between the crossarm and the beam, it is best to raise the height of the stage light shelf to the place closest to the crossarm, make good use of the height of the column, so that the beam is not easy The phenomenon of sloshing, which makes it easy for the staff to arrange lights and sounds, is prone to danger. 2. For the need to build a higher stage lighting stand, you need to do some necessary safety measures, such as: you can add diagonal cables, diagonal rods, suspended ceilings and other fixed measures on the column. Otherwise, it is easy to collapse. 3. Be sure not to add tarpaulins, meshes, etc. above the truss, which can increase the lateral force of the stage light frame, such as: increasing the horizontal area above the stage light frame, it will be increased by the wind and cause an accident. 4. In the case of bad weather, it is best to use the stage lighting stand cautiously, because bad weather such as typhoons and rainstorms can easily cause accidents. We also need to be prepared to use the stage lighting stand outdoors Once this happens, you need to remove it immediately or lower the height to a safe point. ? Aluminum alloy stage lighting stand ??Finally, there are many ways to build stage lighting stands, but we also need to pay special attention to these safety measures to prevent the occurrence of stage safety accidents, but also for the smooth progress of stage activities.
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